Dalia’s Glass


I am Dalia Doron. I am a glass artist. I have been fusing glass for 15 years. I am interested in the Pate De Verr technique and love creating thin and fragile glass boats. . For many years, I worked in  the field of formal education. After earning my doctorate degree in educational systems management from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, I served as the principal of the Mevo’ot Yam school in Mikhmoret, Israel. Within this role, I spent five challenging years working with underachieving boarding school students with low self-esteem. By the end of my time in the position, I had ensured that class graduates succeeded in their studies, were accepted into the naval officer’s course, and accomplished a range of impressive personal achievements. My time there coincided with the years in which a prime minister was assassinated in Israel, and even back then, I asked myself the question of how man is ‘measured’. It was an hour of darkness, but also a window of opportunity in which we realised that it is man who shapes and creates values, not some supreme being, faith, or God. From my work at Mevo’ot Yam, I took away a great sense of faith in man’s ability to influence his environment – as well as a sailing license, which I attained in order to understand my students’ field of study.
Shortly after, I was appointed Headmistress of first High school in the then-new city of Modi’in, which was established by Prime Minister Rabin just a few years before his assassination. The absorption of new students into the developing education system of a new city requires patience and tolerance, and special care to avoid judgement and the adoption of generalisations and stereotypes. New students continued to arrive every day from a variety of places, situations, and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. We took it upon ourselves as a chance to promote the equality of opportunity, and to distribute resources according to the individual needs of each student, in order to further the goal of building an advanced and empowering society in terms of education and values, as well as in terms of technology. Several years later, I was appointed Head of the Educational Board of Modi’in. With a view to managing education in a new city, I set up a system to meet the unique educational needs of two underprivileged populations, as well as systems for special education and gifted education. For me, the highlight of this role was the establishment of a school for students who had previously dropped out of formal education. We indeed went through challenging times. In my next role, I served as the head of the Environmental Education Department at the then-Ministry of Environmental Quality. It was a role with a national scope that focused on programs to promote awareness and practises that support environmental sustainability. During my time, the first Director-General’s official Document was published on the topic of environmental and sustainability education.

The desire and passion to express myself
artistically accompanied me throughout all these experiences

The desire and passion to express myself artistically accompanied me throughout all these experiences. My late father worked in the plastic arts his entire life, and my grandfather’s sister was a nationally acclaimed poet, known simply as Rachel the Poetess; I always felt a strong desire to break into the world of art, until finally, one day, it happened. I came across glass fusing, and have been involved in the field ever since. I have now spent fifteen years in the world of glass fusing, and dream of combining art with egalitarian and humanistic values

Dalia’s Glass


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